Radio navigation in Belgium in the 1950s

Aeronautical Radio Beacons

Radio navigation in Belgium in the 1950s

Radiophares en Belgique dans les années 1950 / Radiobakens in België in de jaren 1950

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

The following list contains the aeronautical radio beacons that were active in Belgium in the mid of the 1950s. All information is outdated and may not be used for navigational purposes.

At this time, there were mainly Non-Directional Beacons (NDB). At Brussels Airport there was still a Range beacon. Also here, a VOR was in test operation and runway 25 had an ILS.

Title image: Sabena DC-3 OO-AUN. Source: ETH-Bibliothek Zürich, Bildarchiv/Stiftung Luftbild Schweiz / Fotograf: Swissair / LBS_SR01-04433-01, License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Radio beacons and airways in 1955

Radio beacons English Channel, Oostende, Chievres
English Channel, Oostende, Chievres (Source: DoD)
Airways Ghent to Liège Bierset
Ghent to Liège Bierset (Source: DoD)
Radio beacons and airways in the Brussels region, Belgium
Enlargement: Brussels (Source: DoD)
Aeronautical radio beacons Florennes, Liège Bierset, Luxembourg
Florennes, Liège Bierset, Luxembourg (Source: DoD)



civcivilcivil operator
GPGlide pathGlide path transmitter
ILSInstrument Landing System(Approach and landing aid)
IMInner MarkerMarker beacon just in front the runway
kHzKilohertz(Unit for frequency)
LLocatorNon-directional beacon for the approach
LLZLocalizerLocalizer transmitter
LMMLocator Middle MarkerCombination of Middle Marker and Locator
LOMLocator Outer MarkerCombination of Outer Marker and Locator
mMeter(Unit for length)
MHzMegahertz(Unit for frequency)
milmilitarymilitary operator
MMMiddle MarkerMarker beacon
NDBNon-directional beaconNon-directional beacon on long or medium waves
NMNautical Miles(Unit for length)
OMOuter MarkerMarker beacon
PRMGПРМГ Посадочная радиомаячная группаSoviet / russian military instrument landing system
RSBNРСБН Rадиотехническая система ближней навигацииSoviet / russian military radio navigation system
SBAStandard Beam ApproachApproach system, Lorenz system, predecessor of the ILS
THRThresholdRunway threshold (most often with number of runway)
transf.transformedCoordinates were converted from a different reference system, therefore there may be deviations.
VARVisual-Aural Rnange
VORVHF Omnidirectional Radio Range
WWatt(Unit for power)
WGS84World Geodetic System 1984(geospatial reference system, GPS coordinates)


For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

Antwerpen: Deurne Airport

Antwerpen: L (civ)
N5112 E00427 (approx.) Google Maps
WW, 375
Operated on request.
Antwerpen: NDB (civ)
N5111 E00429 (approx.) Google Maps
ONW, 355 kHz
Approx. 400 m east of the field.

Barvaux: NDB
N5023 E00529 (approx.) Google Maps
RX, 250 kHz

Beauvechain: Air Base (Base aérienne de Beauvechain, Kwartier basis luitenant-kolonel vlieger Charles Roman)

Beauvechain: NDB (BAF)
N5046 E00448 (approx.) Google Maps
VK, 341.5 kHz, 100 W

Brussels: Airport (National, Zaventem, Melsbroek, Luchthaven Brussel-Nationaal, Aéroport Bruxelles-National)

Brüssel: Haren (civ)
N5053 E00426 (approx.), 067°/2.3 NM to THR 07 Google Maps
ONB, 393 kHz
At the former Haren/Evere airfield.
Brüssel: VOR (civ)
N5054 E00428 (approx.) Google Maps
TB, 114.5 MHz
On test.
Runway 25:
Brüssel: Range/Z Marker (civ)
N5059 E00440 (approx.), 247/7.4 NM to THR 25 Google Maps
Range: BR, 254 kHz
Z Marker: 75 MHz
Brüssel: ILS
BR, 110.3 MHz
Brüssel: LOM (civ)
N5057 E00435 (approx.), 247°/3.8 NM to THR 25 Google Maps
Locator: OB, 293 kHz
Outer Marker: 75 MHz
Brüssel: LMM (civ)
N5055 E00431 (approx.), 247°/0.5 NM to THR 25 Google Maps
Locator: MM, 308/548 kHz
Middle Marker: 75 MHz

Chièvres: Air Base (Base aérienne de Chièvres, Caserne Daumerie)

Chièvres: NDB (BAF)
N5035 E00349 (approx.) Google Maps
CS, 267.5 kHz, 90 W

Dender: NDB
N5053 E00402 (approx.) Google Maps
DU, 520 kHz

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

Florennes: Air Base (Base aérienne de Florennes, Quartier base Offenbach)

Florennes: NDB
N5015 E00444 (approx.) Google Maps
ONF, 212 kHz, 300 W

Kleine Brogel: Air Base (Vliegbasis Kleine-Brogel, Base aérienne de Kleine-Brogel, Basis generaal-majoor vlieger graaf Ivan du Monceau de Bergendal)

Kleine Brogel: NDB (BAF)
N5119 E00528 (approx.) Google Maps
ONT, 449 kHz, 200 W

Koksijde: Air Base (Vliegbasis Koksijde, Vliegbasis adjudent vlieger Frans Allaeys)

Koksijde: NDB (BAF)
N5106 E00239 (approx.), 111°/2.0 Google Maps
FN, 326 kHz, 100 W

Liège Bierset: Airfield (Base aérienne de Bierset, Aéroport de Liège, Base aérienne et caserne De Cubber)

Liège Bierset: NDB
N5041 E00532 (approx.) Google Maps
ONL, 240 kHz, 50 W

Machelan: NDB
N5058 E00330 (approx.) Google Maps
ML, 262 kHz

Oostende: Airport

Oostende: NDB
N5112 E00253 (approx.), 266°/0.39 NM Google Maps
ONO, 224.5 kHz
On request to Tower or ATCC Brussels.

St. Hubert: Airfield

St. Hubert: NDB
N5002 E00524 (approx.) Google Maps
ONS, 323 kHz
On request to Air Traffic Control

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!


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