Flight Simulator 2020: Undocumented Airfields and Points of Interest in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Northern Germany

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

The page has three parts:

  • Undocumented airfields and interesting objects
  • Directory of cities and places
  • Instructions how to jump directly to a location in Flight Simulator 2020 using the bold coordinates.

The listed departure airfields are suggestions, of course you can also start at any other airfield. By clicking on the link "Route" the direct route from the airfield to the target is displayed in SkyVector (skyvector.com). If necessary, however, control zones, restricted areas etc. must be flown around.

Interesting objects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Darßer Ort: Lighthouse and port
N542819 E0123046Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.4719444,12.5127778
At the northern tip of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula there is a lighthouse on the western side and a small harbour on the eastern side. In East Germany it was military base of the so-called Volksmarine (People's Navy) and thus a restricted area.
Departure airports:
• BarthEDBHRoute
• PurkshofEDCXRoute
• StralsundEDBVRoute
Dranske / Bug: Lost air base and port
N543550 E0131355Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.5972222,13.2319444
On the Bug peninsula in the north-west of the island of Rügen there was an air base, whose premises were later used in East Germany as a port for speedboats of the so-called Volksmarine (People's Navy). Today the harbour is closed, the peninsula Bug may not be entered even today for reasons of nature conservation. Use the amphibious plane ICON A5 to get there.
Departure airports:
• BarthEDBHRoute
• Rügen / GüttinEDCGRoute
• StralsundEDBVRoute
Dranske/Bug harbor, Baltic coast, Germany
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Eichenthal: Troposcatter Station
N540348 E0124330Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.0633333,12.725
In East Germany, a heavily protected tropospheric radio station was located near Eichenthal in the Warsaw Pact's BARS military communication system. Today it is a museum.
Müritz: Lake
N532516 E0124153Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.4211111,12.6980556
After Lake Constance, the largest lake in Germany.
Departure airports:
• Müritz AirparkEDAXRoute
• NeubrandenburgEDBNRoute
• Schwerin/ParchimEDOPRoute
• Waren/VielistEDOWRoute
Peenemünde: Harbor and museums
N540811 E0134551Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.1363889,13.7641667
The Peenemünde harbor still has some old buildings, some of which are used as a museum. Outside there is a historical train, missiles and a former Soviet / Russian submarine. The submarine can be seen in FS.
Departure airports:
• HeringsdorfEDAHRoute
• PeenemündeEDCPRoute
• Rügen / GüttinEDCGRoute
• SchmoldowEDBYRoute
Prora: KdF Resort
N542629 E0133435Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.4413889,13.5763889
Monumental building complex with a length of approx. 3 km. Was planned and built by the Nazis as a seaside resort, then used as military barracks in former East Germany. The buildings are well visible in the FS.
Departure airports:
• PeenemündeEDCPRoute
• Rügen / GüttinEDCGRoute
Rerik: Wustrow Peninsula
N540433 E0113302Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.0758333,11.5505556
The Wustrow peninsula was used as an air base and later by the Soviet armed forces as an anti-aircraft firing range. It was therefore a restricted area for many years, but is still not allowed to be entered today.
Departure airports:
• RerikEDCRRoute
• WismarEDCWRoute
Wustrow Peninsula, Baltic coast, Germany
Wustrow Peninsula (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
N533740 E0112444Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.6277778,11.4122222
Capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Departure airports:
• Schwerin/ParchimEDOPRoute
• Schwerin-PinnowEDBPRoute
• WismarEDCWRoute
Schwerin, Lake Schwerin
Schwerin and Lake Schwerin (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Sülte: Auxiliary Airfield
N533216 E0112427Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.5377778,11.4075
This former Soviet airfield with grass runway is located south of Schwerin.
Departure airports:
• Schwerin/ParchimEDOPRoute
• Schwerin-PinnowEDBPRoute
Sülte Auxiliary Airfield
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Vilm: Island
N541925 E0133158Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.3236111,13.5327778
In East Germany, the island was a holiday resort of the party and state leadership and thus a restricted area

Places in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

You can use the bold coordinates to jump directly to this location in FS 2020. Instructions at the bottom of this page.

N535108 E0134139Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.8522222,13.6941667
N542147 E0124326Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.3630556,12.7238889
Bergen (Rügen Island)
N542452 E0132529Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.4144444,13.4247222
N540501 E0132337Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.0836111,13.3936111
Greifswalder Bodden
N541358 E0133339Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.2327778,13.5608333
Hiddensee (Island)
N543136 E0130531Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.5266667,13.0919444
Kap Arkona
N544049 E0132559Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.6802778,13.4330556
Kummerower See (Lake)
N534834 E0125116Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.8094444,12.8544444
N531925 E0112949Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.3236111,11.4969444
Malchiner See (Lake)
N534126 E0123752Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.6905556,12.6311111
Müritz (Lake)
N532505 E0124140Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.4180556,12.6944444
N533329 E0131619Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.5580556,13.2719444
N532130 E0130440Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.3583333,13.0777778
N534853 E0140540Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.8147222,14.0944444
N532532 E0115038Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.4255556,11.8438889
Plauer See (Lake)
N532733 E0121804Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.4591667,12.3011111
Poel (Island)
N535936 E0112621Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.9933333,11.4391667
N542642 E0123355Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.445,12.5652778
N541436 E0122702Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.2433333,12.4505556
Ribnitzer See
N541546 E0122403Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.2627778,12.4008333
N540523 E0120624Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.0897222,12.1066667
Saaler Bodden
N542116 E0122802Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.3544444,12.4672222
N543051 E0133813Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.5141667,13.6369444
N533746 E0112419Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.6294444,11.4052778
Schweriner See
N534059 E0112746Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.6830556,11.4627778
N541829 E0130517Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.3080556,13.0880556
Tollensesee (Lake)
N533036 E0131250Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.51,13.2138889
N534410 E0140245Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.7361111,14.0458333
Usedom (Island)
N540059 E0135922Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.0163889,13.9894444
Waren (Müritz)
N533054 E0124118Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.515,12.6883333
N541016 E0120510Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps54.1711111,12.0861111
N535321 E0112709Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.8891667,11.4525
N535632 E0112551Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps53.9422222,11.4308333

Jump directly to any location in the flight simulator

To select the points in Flight Simulator, the decimal coordinates shown in bold are important. Perform the following steps:


1. Select the decimal coordinates with the mouse


2. Copy the coordinates to the clipboard (with Ctrl-Ins or with right mouse button and "Copy")

Copy coordinates

3. Open the world map in Flight Simulator

4. Paste the coordinates from the clipboard into the search field (with Shift-Ins or with right mouse button and "Paste")

Open world map in Flight Simulator

5. Click on the coordinates that are now displayed below

Click coordinates

6. The now shown user-defined point is at the desired destination. Select it either for departure or for arrival

User-defined point


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