Flight Simulator 2020: Undocumented Airfields and Points of Interest in Bavaria, Germany

Fly to Bavaria

The page has three parts:

  • Undocumented airfields and interesting objects
  • Directory of cities and places
  • Instructions how to jump directly to a location in Flight Simulator 2020 using the bold coordinates.

The listed departure airfields are suggestions, of course you can also start at any other airfield. By clicking on the link "Route" the direct route from the airfield to the target is displayed in SkyVector (skyvector.com). If necessary, however, control zones, restricted areas etc. must be flown around.

Points of Interest in Bavaria (Bayern)

Amberg: Former Army Airfield
N492514 E0115023Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4205556,11.8397222
Former US Army airfield, closed today. In Flight Simulator the old hangar exists as a building, but the former runway is covered with trees, so it is no longer usable. The landscape as a whole looks wintery.
Ansbach: Katterbach Army Heliport (ETEB)
N491832 E0103819Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3088889,10.6386111
The US Army heliport Ansbach-Katterbach is currently (August 2020) not designed as an airfield in Flight Simulator 2020 and cannot be selected. However, runway, taxiways and parking facilities are shown as ground texture. The bold coordinates will take you there, see intructions at the bottom of this page.
Ansbach Katterbach Army Heliport
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Aschheim: BMW Proving Ground
N481323 E0114444Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2230556,11.7455556
Test center for car manufacturer BMW. The site is located in the north of the Ismaninger Speichersee lake and extends over about 4 kilometers.
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Dachau concentration camp memorial site
N481613 E0112806Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2702778,11.4683333
The former Nazi concentration camp was much larger than today's site.
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Feucht: Former airfield
N492314 E0111032Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3872222,11.1755556
Southeast of Nuremberg was the Feucht Army Airfield. With the withdrawal of the US troops at the beginning of the 1990s, the airfield was closed and the area was converted into an industrial park. The control tower, a hangar and some buildings are still preserved.
Departure airports:
• Ansbach Katterbach (mil)ETEBRoute
• Ansbach PetersdorfEDQFRoute
• HerzogenaurachEDQHRoute
• Hetzleser BergEDQXRoute
• Lauf LillinghofEDQIRoute
• Neumarkt OberpfalzEDPORoute
• Nürnberg (Nuremberg Airport)EDDNRoute
• Schwabach-BuchenbachEDPHRoute
Gablingen: Huge antenna system
N482704 E0105146Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4511111,10.8627778
On the former Gablingen airfield a circular antenna system with a diameter of approx. 360 m was erected by US agencies in the 1970s. The system is used for direction finding of short wave transmissions and is today operated by the German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst BND). The installation is located in the Augsburg Control Zone.
Departure airports:
• AugsburgEDMARoute
• Dachau GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• Donauwörth GenderkingenEDMQRoute
• GundelfingenEDMURoute
• JessenwangEDMJRoute
• LechfeldETSLRoute
• Neuburg/Donau (mil)ETSNRoute
• SchwabmünchenEDNSRoute
• TannhausenEDNURoute
Grafenwöhr: FARP
N494126 E0115533Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.6905556,11.9258333
About 1.5 km southwest of Grafenwöhr Army Airfield is a US Army Forward arming and refuelling point (FARP) with numbered helicopter stands.
Grafenwöhr FARP
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Grafenwöhr: Grass runway
N494121 E0115613Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.6891667,11.9369444
About one kilometer south of the Grafenwöhr Army Airfield there is a grass runway for airplanes and helicopters. Runway 08/26, length approx. 800 m.
Grafenwöhr, Germany: Grass runway
Left the grass runway, right the Grafenwöhr Army Airfield (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Hohenfels: Landing strip on training area
N491403 E0115455Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.2341667,11.9152778
On the Hohenfels military training area there is another airfield besides the airfield Hohenfels. Runway 04/22, length 1100 m.
Immediately adjacent to the northern side is a runway for drones / Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Runway 04/22, length 300 m.
Hohenfels Training Area Landing Ground
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Hohenschwangau: Neuschwanstein Castle
N473328 E0104458Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.5577778,10.7494444
The most famous German castle.
Departure airports:
• Altenstadt (mil)ETHARoute
• InnsbruckLOWIRoute
• Kempten DurachEDMKRoute
• Reutte/HofenLOIRRoute
Illesheim: Army Airfield
The Illesheim US Army airfield or heliport (ETIK) with the Storck Barracks is currently (August 2020) not designed as an airfield in Flight Simulator 2020 and cannot be selected. However, runway, taxiways and parking facilities are shown as ground texture. The bold coordinates will take you there, see instructions at the end of this page.
Illesheim Army Heliport
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Leipheim: Former air base
N482624 E0101409Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.44,10.2358333
The site was used for military purposes until 2008 and is now an industrial estate. In Flight Simulator 2020 the base can even be selected as an active airfield. However, there are some buildings on the former runway. Also available is the parallel runway on a taxiway, which was used by sports pilots for some time.
Departure airports:
• AugsburgEDMARoute
• Giengen BrenzEDNGRoute
• GundelfingenEDMURoute
• Günzburg/DonauriedEDMGRoute
• TannhausenEDNURoute
Mitterharthausen: Former Straubing Air Base
N484942 E0123345Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8283333,12.5625
Former Luftwaffe air base, US airfield, German Army airfield, today closed / Gäubodenkaserne barracks
Mitterharthausen: Straubing Airfield
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Munich: MAN proving ground
N481311 E0112916Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2197222,11.4877778
Test of utility vehicles / trucks
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Munich-Riem Airport: Last piece of the old runway
N480812 E0114305Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.1366667,11.7180556
From the former Munich-Riem Airport a 75 m long piece of the runway is still preserved.
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Neubiberg: Former Air Base / Airfield
N480421 E0113811Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0725,11.6363889
The runway is still in good condition.
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Oberschleißheim: Regatta course
N481436 E0113057Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2433333,11.5158333
The approximately 2.2 km long facility was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. You can land here with the ICON A5 (might be a little illegal, though :-)
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Oberschleissheim regatta course
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Pullach: Former BND headquarters
N480351 E0113156Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0641667,11.5322222
Until 2019, the headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst BND) was located in Pullach. Today there is still a BND field office on the premises.
Departure airports:
• Dachau-GröbenriedEDMDRoute
• München (Munich Airport)EDDMRoute
• OberpfaffenhofenEDMORoute
• OberschleissheimEDNXRoute
Schweinfurt: Conn Barracks and Army Airfield
N500259 E0100959Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.0497222,10.1663889
Approximately 4 km northeast of Schweinfurt's city center are the former Conn Barracks. Until 2014 US troops were stationed here. There was also a runway 09/27, but in the years before the closure the field was only used by helicopters. In FS the runway can be used, to the south there is even a green/white airport beacon.
Schweinfurt Conn Barracks
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Vilseck; Runway for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
N493913 E0114704Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.6536111,11.7844444
Runway 06/24, length 300 m
Visleck, Germany: Runway for Unmanned Aircraft System UAS
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Wildflecken: Former Army Airfield
N502348 E0095512Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.3966667,9.92
Is not visible in Flight Simulator 2020.
Wildflecken: Former Hawk missile site
N502441 E0095532Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.4113889,9.9255556
Former Hawk anti-aircraft missile site
Wildflecken: Hawk site
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)

Places in Bavaria (Bayern)

You can use the bold coordinates to jump directly to this location in FS 2020. Instructions at the bottom of this page.

N492625 E0115141Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4402778,11.8613889
Ammersee (Lake)
N480013 E0110712Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0036111,11.12
N491806 E0103425Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3016667,10.5736111
N495836 E0090842Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.9766667,9.145
N482204 E0105351Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.3677778,10.8975
Bad Kissingen
N501207 E0100452Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.2019444,10.0811111
Bad Neustadt
N501934 E0101240Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.3261111,10.2111111
Bad Tölz
N474535 E0113340Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.7597222,11.5611111
N495424 E0105405Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.9066667,10.9013889
N495641 E0113434Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.9447222,11.5761111
N491321 E0123956Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.2225,12.6655556
Chiemsee (Lake)
N475235 E0122706Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.8763889,12.4516667
N501552 E0105745Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.2644444,10.9625
N485022 E0125729Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8394444,12.9580556
N482414 E0124541Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4038889,12.7613889
N493513 E0110101Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.5869444,11.0169444
Forggensee (Lake)
N473700 E0104422Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6166667,10.7394444
N492830 E0105854Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.475,10.9816667
Furth im Wald
N491832 E0125017Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3088889,12.8380556
N482718 E0101648Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.455,10.28
N501835 E0115447Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.3097222,11.9130556
N475252 E0103725Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.8811111,10.6236111
Kempten (Allgäu)
N474341 E0101906Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.7280556,10.3183333
N500627 E0112634Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.1075,11.4427778
Lake Constance (Bodensee)
N473208 E0094004Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.5355556,9.6677778
N483311 E0120835Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.5530556,12.1430556
N500840 E0110350Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.1444444,11.0638889
N473323 E0094205Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.5563889,9.7013889
N474638 E0103701Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.7772222,10.6169444
N500015 E0120517Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.0041667,12.0880556
N475907 E0101056Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.9852778,10.1822222
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
N491638 E0112724Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.2772222,11.4566667
N482332 E0100048Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.3922222,10.0133333
N485100 E0102921Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.85,10.4891667
Nuremberg (Nürnberg)
N492647 E0110450Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4463889,11.0805556
N494509 E0113238Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.7525,11.5438889
N485825 E0130747Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.9736111,13.1297222
N490100 E0120616Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.0166667,12.1044444
N475133 E0120725Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.8591667,12.1236111
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
N492247 E0101109Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3797222,10.1858333
N491943 E0110114Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3286111,11.0205556
N500247 E0101353Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.0463889,10.2313889
N501017 E0120747Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps50.1713889,12.1297222
Starnberger See (Lake)
N475414 E0111838Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.9038889,11.3105556
N485252 E0123529Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8811111,12.5913889
N475203 E0123818Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.8675,12.6383333
Walchensee (Lake)
N473540 E0112049Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.5944444,11.3469444
Weiden in der Oberpfalz
N494036 E0120934Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.6766667,12.1594444
N494734 E0095754Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.7927778,9.965
N490104 E0131358Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.0177778,13.2327778

Jump directly to any location in the flight simulator

To select the points in Flight Simulator, the decimal coordinates shown in bold are important. Perform the following steps:


1. Select the decimal coordinates with the mouse


2. Copy the coordinates to the clipboard (with Ctrl-Ins or with right mouse button and "Copy")

Copy coordinates

3. Open the world map in Flight Simulator

4. Paste the coordinates from the clipboard into the search field (with Shift-Ins or with right mouse button and "Paste")

Open world map in Flight Simulator

5. Click on the coordinates that are now displayed below

Click coordinates

6. The now shown user-defined point is at the desired destination. Select it either for departure or for arrival

User-defined point


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