Flight Simulator 2020: Undocumented Airfields and Points of Interest in Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany

The page has three parts:

  • Undocumented airfields and interesting objects
  • Directory of cities and places
  • Instructions how to jump directly to a location in Flight Simulator 2020 using the bold coordinates.

The listed departure airfields are suggestions, of course you can also start at any other airfield. By clicking on the link "Route" the direct route from the airfield to the target is displayed in SkyVector (skyvector.com). If necessary, however, control zones, restricted areas etc. must be flown around.

Interesting objects in Baden-Württemberg

Adelsheim: Highway strip / Emergency landing strip
N492209 E0092626Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3691667,9.4405556
During the Cold War, this section of the motorway A81 Heilbronn - Würzburg between junctions Möckmühl and Osterburken was prepared for the use by planes. With large parking spaces at both ends. Can be used in FS, provided you find a gap in traffic ...
Departure airports:
• Boxberg UnterschüpfEDGURoute
• Mosbach LohrbachEDGMRoute
• NiederstettenETHNRoute
• WalldürnEDEWRoute
Adelsheim Highway Strip
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Böhringen: Highway Strip
N481507 E0083839Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2519444,8.6441667
During the Cold War a section of the A81 motorway between the junctions Oberndorf am Neckar and Rottweil was prepared for the use of aircraft. Before the motorway was opened, transport planes landed here during an exercise. Usable in the flight simulator, but there is a bridge to cross.
Boxberg: Former NATO fuel depot
N492755 E0093749Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4652778,9.6302778
Departure airports:
• Boxberg UnterschüpfEDGURoute
• GiebelstadtEDQGRoute
• Mosbach LohrbachEDGMRoute
• NiederstettenETHNRoute
• WalldürnEDEWRoute
Boxberg Fuel Depot
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Boxberg: Proving Ground
N492658 E0093810Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4494444,9.6361111
Robert Bosch test area
Departure airports:
• Boxberg UnterschüpfEDGURoute
• GiebelstadtEDQGRoute
• Mosbach LohrbachEDGMRoute
• NiederstettenETHNRoute
• WalldürnEDEWRoute
Boxberg Proving Ground
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
N474148 E0084118Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6966667,8.6883333
Büsingen is a German exclave in Switzerland, it is completely surrounded by Switzerland.
Göppingen: Luftwaffe Air Base and Army Airfield
N484230 E0094124Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.7083333,9.69
The former Luftwaffe airbase or later US Army Airfield was located about 3 km east-northeast of the Göppingen center.
Departure airports:
• BacknangEDSHRoute
• Donzdorf MesselbergEDPMRoute
• HeubachEDTHRoute
Göppingen Army Airfield, Germany
The structure on the lower left is a take-off platform of the old air base (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Heilbronn: Waldheide
N490748 E0091626Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.13,9.2738889
Former airfield and Pershing missile base
Departure airports:
• BacknangEDSHRoute
• MosbachEDGMRoute
• Schwäbisch Hall HessenthalEDTYRoute
• Schwäbisch Hall WeckriedenEDTXRoute
• SinsheimEDTKRoute
Heilbronn Waldheide
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Inneringen: Missile Site
N481040 E0091716Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.1777778,9.2877778
About 1 km southeast of Inneringen was the "Fort Black Jack" alert position for Pershing missiles.
Karlsruhe: Old airfield
N490140 E0082246Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.0277778,8.3794444
Here was the first Karlsruhe airfield and later the Karlsruhe Army Airfield of the US Army. Today the field is closed. The Army Airfield had a runway 18/36, the number 36 is still visible in white in the southern part.
Karlsruhe Army Airfield, Germany
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Karlsruhe: Old runway
N485904 E0082008Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.9844444,8.3355556
Until the year 2000, the Karlsruhe-Forchheim airfield was located at the site of today's Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. A part of the former 03/21 runway is still there. The end still shows the "21".
Departure airports:
• HaguenauLFSHRoute
• Karlsruhe/Baden/SöllingenEDSBRoute
• LinkenheimEDRIRoute
• SchweighofenEDRORoute
Karlsruhe Forchheim airfield
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Kirchardt: Highway Strip
N491306 E0085944Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.2183333,8.9955556
During the Cold War, this section of the Autobahn A6 motorway has been prepared for aircraft operations. You can still use it in FS.
Konstanz: Direction Finder
N474117 E0091159Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6880556,9.1997222
In the Allmannsdorf quarter there is a circular antenna system with a diameter of about 40 m. In the FS it can be recognized as a green circular ring.
Lampoldshausen: Institute of Space Propulsion
N491707 E0092230Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.2852778,9.375
Rocket engines are tested here, including those of the Ariane
Departure airports:
• BacknangEDSHRoute
• MosbachEDGMRoute
• Schwäbisch Hall HessenthalEDTYRoute
• Schwäbisch Hall WeckriedenEDTXRoute
• SinsheimEDTKRoute
Lampoldshausen Institut für Raumfahrtantriebe
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Reutlingen: Helipad industrial area
N482930 E0090918Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4916667,9.155
In Betzingen in the Mark West industrial estate there is a private helipad, which landing site with a white triangle can also be seen in the FS.
Schwäbisch Gmünd Army Airfield
N484851 E0094814Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8141667,9.8038889
This is the former Schwäbisch Gmünd Army Airfield, which was actually located in Mutlangen and later became a base for Pershing missiles. The old runway is still recognizable, but is hardly usable because of the nearby trees on the southeast side.
Departure airports:
• BacknangEDSHRoute
• Donzdorf MesselbergEDPMRoute
• HeubachEDTHRoute
Multangen Army Airfield, Germany
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Stuttgart: Airport
N484121 E0091306Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.6891667,9.2183333
Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport (STR, EDDS) is currently (August 2020) not available in Flight Simulator 2020. Only some buildings in the surrounding area are implemented. Anyway, you can use the bold coordinates to jump there directly in the FS (instructions at the bottom of this page).
Stuttgart: TV tower
N484521 E0091125Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.7558333,9.1902778
Actually, the television tower should be located at the bent building, at the right side, where the hat is. But this is still missing in August 2020. In the background you can see a rather symbolic replica of the telecommunications tower on the Frauenkopf hill. There will certainly be improvements in the course of time.
Stuttgart TV tower
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Weissach: Proving ground
N485045 E0085422Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8458333,8.9061111
The site of Porsche.
Weissach proving ground
(Source: Flight Simulator 2020)

Places in Baden-Württemberg

You can use the bold coordinates to jump directly to this location in FS 2020. Instructions at the bottom of this page.

N485015 E0100540Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8375,10.0944444
N481628 E0085108Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.2744444,8.8522222
Biberach an der Riß
N480556 E0094728Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0988889,9.7911111
N484056 E0090041Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.6822222,9.0113889
N484247 E0084501Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.7130556,8.7502778
N490808 E0100338Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.1355556,10.0605556
Freiburg im Breisgau
N480004 E0074946Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0011111,7.8294444
N482751 E0082445Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4641667,8.4125
N473932 E0092844Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6588889,9.4788889
N484216 E0093923Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.7044444,9.6563889
N492407 E0084049Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4019444,8.6802778
N490900 E0091243Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.15,9.2119444
N483543 E0085201Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.5952778,8.8669444
N490035 E0082411Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.0097222,8.4030556
N474039 E0091012Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6775,9.17
N473657 E0073957Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6158333,7.6658333
N492910 E0082750Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.4861111,8.4638889
N492027 E0090710Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.3408333,9.1194444
N482827 E0075621Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4741667,7.9391667
N485327 E0084139Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.8908333,8.6941667
N485136 E0081238Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.86,8.2105556
N474648 E0093628Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.78,9.6077778
N482931 E0091228Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4919444,9.2077778
Schwäbisch Hall
N490626 E0094404Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.1072222,9.7344444
N484225 E0090018Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.7069444,9.005
N493727 E0093946Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.6241667,9.6627778
N483109 E0090315Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.5191667,9.0541667
N482400 E0095857Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.4,9.9825
N480337 E0082926Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps48.0602778,8.4905556
N473801 E0081639Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps47.6336111,8.2775
N494525 E0093035Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps49.7569444,9.5097222

Jump directly to any location in the flight simulator

To select the points in Flight Simulator, the decimal coordinates shown in bold are important. Perform the following steps:


1. Select the decimal coordinates with the mouse


2. Copy the coordinates to the clipboard (with Ctrl-Ins or with right mouse button and "Copy")

Copy coordinates

3. Open the world map in Flight Simulator

4. Paste the coordinates from the clipboard into the search field (with Shift-Ins or with right mouse button and "Paste")

Open world map in Flight Simulator

5. Click on the coordinates that are now displayed below

Click coordinates

6. The now shown user-defined point is at the desired destination. Select it either for departure or for arrival

User-defined point


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