Royal Flying Doctor Service: Roadstrips in Flight Simulator 2020


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The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) provides medical assistance by airplane in the remote areas of Australia. In addition to airfields and other landing strips, prepared sections on highways are also used for landing. In many cases, these can also be found and used in Flight Simulator 2020. Besides the straight course of the road, an important distinguishing feature is the marking of the runway thresholds with several longitudinal stripes.

Roadstrips / Highway Strips / Road Air Strips / Emergency Airstrips

Birdsville Developmental Road: Birdsville East (QLD)
S254556 E1394904Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-25.7655556,139.8177778
Queensland, Highway 14, approx. 50 km east-northeast of Birdsville
Runway 05/23, length 1100 m
Birdsville RFDS emergency airstrip, Australia
Birdsville - In Birdsville even the runway numbers are shown. The flight simulator sometimes lets vehicles drive on the right side even in Australia, although there is left-hand traffic. (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Diamantina Developmental Road: Moothandella (QLD)
S253527 E1430018Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-25.5908333,143.005
Queensland, Highway 14, approx. 40 km southeast of Windorah
Runway 13/31, length 2000 m
Dugald River Mine (QLD)
S201626 E1401332Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-20.2738889,140.2255556
Runway 09/27, length 1200 m
Eyre Highway: Chadwick / Nullarbor National Park (SA)
S313423 E1301009Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-31.5730556,130.1691667
South Australia, Highway 1, ca. 70 west-southwest of Nullarbor Motel Airport
Runway 08/26, length 1200 m
Eyre Highway: Eucla (WA)
S314210 E1284953Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-31.7027778,128.8313889
Western Australia, Nullarbor Plain, Highway 1, approx. 6 km southwest of Eucla
Runway 08/26, length 1200 m
Departure airports:
• ForrestYFRTRoute
RFDS roadstrip at Eyre Highway near Eucla, Australia
Eyre Highway near Eucla - Viewing northeast (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Eyre Highway: Madura (WA)
S315432 E1270502Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-31.9088889,127.0838889
Western Australia, Hampton Tableland, Highway 1, approx. 6 km east-southeast of Madura
Runway 09/27, length 1500 m
RFDS roadstrip at Eyre Highway near Madura, Australia
Eyre Highway near Madura (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Eyre Highway: Mundrabilla (WA)
S315351 E1273705Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-31.8975,127.6180556
Western Australia, Hampton Tableland, Highway 1, approx. 22 km west-southwest of Mundrabilla Airport
Runway 08/26, length 1500 m
Departure airports:
• CaigunaYCAGRoute
• ForrestYFRTRoute
RFDS roadstrip at Eyre Highway near Mundrabilla, Australia
Eyre Highway near Mundrabilla (Source: Flight Simulator 2020)
Great Central Road: Tjukayirla (WA)
S270920 E1243503Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-27.1555556,124.5841667
Western Australia
Runway 08/26, length 1300 m
North West Costal Highway: Yannarie (WA)
S223631 E1152560Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-22.6086111,115.4333333
Western Australia, 11 km southwest of Nantarra airfield
Runway 05/23, length 1200 m
Silver City Highway: Shannons Creek
S301444 E1420615Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-30.2455556,142.1041667
New South Wales, 200 km northeast of Broken Hill
Runway 05/23
Stuart Highway: Traeger Roadstrip (SA)
S301234 E1351352Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-30.2094444,135.2311111
South Australia, Highway 87
Runway 13/31, length 1200 m
Wills Developmental Road: Gregory (QLD)
S184017 E1391754Bing MapsOpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps-18.6713889,139.2983333
Queensland, 5 km southeast of Gregory
Runway 13/31, length 1200 m

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