RAF Nutts Corner / Belfast

Belfast-Nutts Corner Airport

Historical approach and aerodrome charts

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CoordinatesN543752 W0060918 (WGS84) Google Maps
RegionCrumlin, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Location indicatorGJHA, EGAA
OperatorRoyal Air Force (RAF); from 1946 to 1963, Nutts Corner was the airport for Belfast.
Map with location of RAF Nutts Corner / Belfast airfield, Northern Ireland

In the 1940s

RAF Nutts Corner Airfield, Northern Ireland: Aerial view 1943
Aerial view from 31 August 1943 - Viewing direction is northwest (Source: US DoD)
RAF Nutts Corner Belfast: Northwestern part
Enlargement: Northwestern part (Source: US DoD)
Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland: Aerial view northeastern part
Enlargement: Northeastern part - Here you can also see the northern parking area where some aircraft are parked. Another aircraft is on the taxiway on the right side of the photo.. (Source: US DoD)
Nutts Corner RAF Station: Aerial image southern part
Enlargement: Southern part - Southern dispersal area with aircraft (Source: US DoD)
Belfast Nutts Corner Airport: Eastern part
Enlargement: Eastern part (Source: US DoD)

In the 1950s

NDB approach chart Nutts Corner RAF Station (Belfast), United Kingdom 1954
NDB approach (April 1954) - The approach is unusual: The plane will first fly to the beacon at the airfield, cross it at 2360 feet and then descent further southwest to finally reverse and approach the airfield visually. Other airfields on this map: Aldergrove, Langford Lodge, Long Kesh, Maghaberry, Sydenham, Toome. (Source: US DoD)
Aerodrome map RAF Nutts Corner (Belfast), United Kingdom 1954
Aerodrome chart (April 1954) - There are two runways - 04/22: length 1463 m, width 46 m (4800 feet x 150 feet), 10/28: length 1829 m, width 46 m (6000 feet x 150 feet). GCA radar (Ground Controlled Approach Radar) and SBA (Standard Beam Approach) are available as approach aids. (Source: US DoD)

In the 1960s

NDB approach chart RAF Nutts Corner (Belfast), United Kingdom 1960
NDB approach (October 1960) (Source: US DoD)

Index to the objects shown on the maps


  • Belfast Aldergrove, Langford Lodge, Long Kesh, Maghaberry, Sydenham, Toome

Radio beacons:

  • Nutts Corner NDB "MWC"

Air traffic control:

  • Nutts Corner Approach Control, Nutts Corner Tower


  • Antrim, Antrim Bay, Belfast Lough, Doagh, Lough Neagh, Lurgan, Ram's Island, Randalstown, Templepatrick

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


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