Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Oslo lufthavn, Gardermoen flystasjon

Historical approach and aerodrome charts

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
CoordinatesN601140 E0110557 (WGS84) Google Maps
Location indicatorENGM
Map with location of Oslo Gardermoen Airport

In the 1950s

Range approach chart Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway 1951
Range approach (October 1951) (Source: US DoD)
Airport map Oslo Gardermoen, Norway 1951
Airport map (October 1951) - There are two runways - 019/199: length 1999 m, width 50 m (6560 feet x 164 feet), 107/287: length 1999 m, width 80 m (6560 feet x 262 feet). At the beginning of each approach light system is a rotating beacon. In the south east is a remote parking area, see "Parking" at the bottom right. (Source: US DoD)

In the 1960s

NDB approach chart runway 20 Oslo Gardermoen Air Base, 1960
NDB approach runway 20 (October 1960) - Now the runways are - 02/20: length 2500 m, width 50 m (8202 feet x 164 feet), 11/29: length 1999 m, width 79 m (6560 feet x 260 feet). (Source: US DoD)
ILS approach chart runway 20 Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway 1960
ILS approach runway 20 (October 1960) (Source: US DoD)

Index to the objects shown on the maps

Radio beacons with identifier / Radiofyret:

  • Eidsvoll NDB "LEG"
  • Gardermoen Range "GD", NDB "GM", "GR", ILS Localizer "GM", Outer Marker, Middle Marker
  • Tomte Fan Marker

Air traffic control / Communications / Flygekontrolltjeneste:

  • Gardermoen Tower


  • Eidsvoll
  • Gardermoen, Glomma
  • Hurdalsjøen
  • Jessheim
  • Langset
  • Mjøsa
  • Nannestad
  • Vorma

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


Historical approach charts - Norway

Historical approach and airfield plates


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