Marseille Marignane Airport

Aéroport Marseille Provence

Historical approach and aerodrome charts

Aéroport Marseille Provence - Cartes d'approche historiques

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
CoordinatesN432616 E0051247 (WGS84) Google Maps
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Map with location of Marseille Marignane Airport, France

In the 1940s

Aerial image Marseille Marignane Airport, France 1945
Aerial image (January 1945) - Viewing direction is northeast. On the left edge is the sea plane base at the Étang de Berre lagoon. The image was classified as "Restricted". (Source: US DoD)
Aéroport Marseille, photo aérienne, 1945
Enlargement - In the right half of the picture some airplanes are visible. (Source: US DoD)
Marseille Marignane Airport in World War 2, January 1945
Enlargement - Southeastern part. (Source: US DoD)
Marseille Marignane, January 1945
Enlargement: Area with a noticeable shape - In the southwestern part. (Source: US DoD)
Marseille Marrignane Airport: Aerial view January 1945
Aerial view 07 January 1945 - Viewing direction southwest. (Source: US DoD)
Movement area Marseille Marrignane Aerodrome, 1945
Enlargement: Movement area - On the right edge of the picture there is an unpaved runway. The circle to the right of the centre of the picture contains the inscription "Marseille". (Source: US DoD)
Runways at Marseille Airfield
Enlargement: Runways - On the left the unpaved runway, on the right the paved one, on which obviously construction work is taking place. (Source: US DoD)
Aerial view of Marseille Seaplane Station, France
Enlargement: Seaplane base (Source: US DoD)

In the 1960s

Range approach runway 14R Marseille Marignane, France 1960
Range approach runway 14R (October 1960) - The Range beacon has the ident "FNM" and emits the four displayed guiding beams. (Source: US DoD)
ILS approach chart runway 14L Marseille Marignane Airport, France 1960
ILS approach runway 14L (October 1960) - There are three runways - 14L/32R: length 2400 m, width 45 m (7874 feet x 148 feet), 14R/32L: length 2000 m, over a length of 650 m (2133 feet) the width is 60 m (197 feet), over a length of 1350 m (4429 feet), the width is 48 m (157 feet). Between both, there is an unpaved runway: length 1650 m, width 35 m (5413 feet x 115 feet). (Source: US DoD)

In the 1970s

Satellite image Marseille Airport 1976
Satellite image from 14 January 1976 - The image was taken from a US reconnaissance satellite and was previously subject to strict secrecy. (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)

In the 1980s

Aéroport Marseille Marignane on a map 1981
Marseille Marignane Airport on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1981 (Source: ONC F-2 (1981), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin)

Index to the objects shown on the maps

Aerodromes / Aérodromes:

  • Aix Les Milles
  • Istres Le Tube
  • Le Castellet
  • Marseille Marignane
  • Salon-de-Provence, Salon Eyguières

Radio beacons / Radiophares aéronautiques:

  • Marignane Range "FNM", ILS "ML", Outer Marker, Inner Marker

Air traffic control / Contrôle de la circulation aérienne / Communications:

  • Marignane Approach Control, Marignane Airport

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


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