Leipheim Air Base, Germany

Leipheim Airfield

Historical approach charts and maps

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CoordinatesN482624 E0101410 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 1566 ft
Federal stateBayern (Bavaria)
Location indicatorDBLM, EDSD
OperatorUS Air Force (USAF), Deutsche Luftwaffe
Map with location of Leipheim Air Base / Airfield, Germany

In the 1960s

Approach chart chart Leipheim Air Base, Germany 1960
Approach chart (October 1960) - This procedure still comes from the US Air Force (USAF) and uses the Illertissen NDB. There is one runway - 070/250: length 2225 m, width 30 m (7300 feet x 100 feet). (Source: US DoD)
Map of Leipheim Airfield, Germany: NDB approach runway 07, May 1966
NDB approach runway 07 (May 1966) - Now Leipheim has its own radio beacon located southwest of the field. There runway is now shown as - 07/25: length 1948 m, width 30 m (6390 feet x 98 feet). (Source: US DoD)

In the 1970s

Leipheim Air Base: Satellite image from 1977
Satellite image from 07 July 1977 (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)

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Radio beacons:

  • Illertissen NDB "FI"
  • Leipheim NDB "LPH"

Air traffic control:

  • Fursty Control
  • Leipheim Tower
  • Munich Control

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)

Frequently asked questions about Leipheim Air Base

In which country was Leipheim Air Base located?
In East or West Germany?
West Germany.
In which federal state was Leipheim Air Base located?
In Bavaria.
How long was the runway at Leipheim?
In 1990 Leipheim had a runway 07/25, length 2000 m, width 45 m
When did the military use end?
The military use ended in 2008.
What is today on the former air base?
An industrial park is being created on the site.


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