Alteno Military Airfield, East Germany


Historical approach and aerodrome charts

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
CoordinatesN515203 E0134655 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 62m / 203 ft
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Cottbus
Federal stateBrandenburg
Map with location of Alteno Airfield airfield, GDR

Alteno was an auxiliary airfield of the East German National People's Army (NVA). The military airfield was used for exercises and other occasions, aircraft were not permanently stationed. Today, the airfield is not used anymore.

In the 1980s and early 1990s

The following maps were taken from "Directory 012 - Aeronautical Information for the Airfields of the National People's Army of the GDR" (Verzeichnis 012 - Flugnavigationsinformationen der Flugplätze der NVA der DDR), which was classified as "Top Secret" (Geheime Verschlußsache). This second highest classification is an example for the completely exaggerated secrecy and information security in East Germany and the NVA, in comparison to the West. The vast majority of the contents of directory 012 would have been "unclassified" in the West.

The charts were valid in the years 1989/90. The lettering is Cyrillic / Russian. Heights / altitudes are given in meters, without brackets Standard Atmosphere (QNH), in brackets above the airfield (QFE).

Map with location of Alteno airfield
Location of the airfield - The map shows the southeastern part of East Germany with airways and the Alteno airfield. At the top of the map is Berlin with the circular Berlin Control Zone and the three air corridors leading to the west. In accordance with the ideology prevailing in the GDR at the time, only the western part ("Западный Берлин") of the Four-Power City has been marked.
Departure routes
Departure routes - The upper half shows the departure routes for take-off to the west, the lower half for take-off to the east. The routes each lead east to Cottbus (КОТБУС) to the KOBUS (КОБУС)reporting point on the A4 airway, where you can fly either north (345°) or south (165°).
Approach chart runway 268 Alteno Airfield, East Germany 1989
Approach in main landing direction 268° (ca. 1989) - The continuous lines are the system OSP and small and large box via the Alteno radio beacon. The dashed lines are visual flight routes.
Approach chart runway 088 Alteno Airfield, East Germany 1989
Approach in secondary landing direction 088° (ca. 1989)
Airfield map, Alteno, East Germany
Airfield map - Runway 08/26 has a length of 2350 m and a width of 37,5 m. South of it is a grass strip, 1800 m long and 50 m wide.
List of communications and air traffic control systems
List of communications and air traffic control systems - The call sign of the flight controller is ARNO-START, that of the direction finder ARNO-PELENG. The beacons in main landing direction 268° do not work continuously, the beacons in secondary landing direction 088° are not permanently deployed.

Index to the objects shown on the maps

Radio beacons:

  • Alteno outer radio beacon "AO", "OA", inner radio beacon "A", "O"
  • Beeskow NDB "BKW"
  • Boxberg NDB "BOG"
  • Fürstenwalde VOR "FWE"
  • Hermsdorf VOR "HDO"
  • Karl-Marx-Stadt NDB "KMS"
  • Machern NDB "MA"
  • Nunsdorf VOR "NUF"
  • Slubice Subi NDB "SUI"

Air traffic control / Communications:

  • Arno Start, Arno Peleng

Source for all maps, if not marked otherwise: US Department of Defense (US DoD)


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