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KonBriefing Research is an independent analyst that supports you in the selection of software solutions for IT security and for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).


Here you will find requirement catalogs and product overviews to help you select a standard software.

How to select a software

Here you will find additional resources to help you choose a software.

For software vendors

KonBriefing Research wants organizations to find the software that best suits their needs. However, these are not automatically the products of the large vendors. Numerous smaller software houses have excellent products that optimally meet the requirements of certain market segments. However, compared to the big players in the industry, these companies often lack the marketing power to achieve adequate awareness for their offerings. With KonBriefing Research's innovative approaches, even smaller software vendors can create a high profile with a low budget, build a brand and thus be perceived as a relevant player.

Cyber attacks / hacker attacks

Cyber attacks are a major problem for businesses and for the society. They happen every day and cause immense damage. Education and prevention are very important. KonBriefing Research has made it its mission to collect the cases and thus raise awareness - so that companies and organizations protect themselves and prepare for emergencies.

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