Which companies and organizations in the U.S. have been victims of a hacker attack?
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Cyber attacks 2022

Total: 12 entries
Affected countries: 3
USA: 12 (100%), Germany: 1 (8%), France: 1 (8%)
Affected industries: 9
Education: 4 (33%), Mechanical Engineering: 3 (25%), Public sector: 2 (16%), Healthcare: 2 (16%), Universities: 1 (8%), Technology: 1 (8%), Police: 1 (8%), Legal: 1 (8%), IT: 1 (8%)
Flag USAMay 5, 2022
Ransomware at a manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the USA
AGCO, Duluth, Georgia, USA
Total: 15 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 15 (100%)
Affected industries: 7
Public sector: 5 (33%), Healthcare: 3 (20%), Education: 3 (20%), Universities: 2 (13%), Telecommunication: 1 (6%), IT: 1 (6%), Food: 1 (6%)
Flag USAApril 30, 2022
Ransomware at a community college in Michigan
Kellogg Community College (KCC), Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Flag USAApril 24, 2022
Cyberattack on a hospital in Arizona
Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, Arizona, USA
Flag USAApril 2022
Cyberattack on a US healthcare provider
Tenet Healthcare Corporation (THC), Dallas, Texas, USA
Flag USAApril 13, 2022
Cyber attack on a cloud vendor
Heroku, San Francisco, California, USA
Total: 20 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 20 (100%)
Affected industries: 13
Healthcare: 7 (35%), Public sector: 2 (10%), Mechanical Engineering: 2 (10%), Food: 2 (10%), Universities: 1 (5%), Transportation: 1 (5%), Telecommunication: 1 (5%), Service provider: 1 (5%), Retail: 1 (5%), Real estate: 1 (5%), Finance: 1 (5%), Consumer Goods: 1 (5%), Agriculture: 1 (5%)
Flag USA14 March 2022
Unauthorized access at a mechanical engineering company in the USA
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Flag USA14 March 2022
Cyber attack on an online retailer of plastic bricks
BrickLink, Inc, Irvine, California, USA
Flag USAMarch 11, 2022
Unauthorized access at a care provider in the USA
NuLife Med, LLC, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Flag USAMarch 11, 2022
Cyberattack on a health system in Michigan
McKenzie Health System, Sandusky, Michigan, USA
Flag USAMarch 1, 2022
Scraping of credit card data in the online store of a food supplier in the U.S.
Bob's Red Mill, Milwaukie, Oregon, USA
The tapping of the data began on February 23, 2022.
Total: 19 entries
Affected countries: 3
USA: 19 (100%), Canada: 2 (10%), Germany: 1 (5%)
Affected industries: 12
Public sector: 3 (15%), Education: 3 (15%), Telecommunication: 2 (10%), Healthcare: 2 (10%), Energy industry: 2 (10%), Universities: 1 (5%), Technology: 1 (5%), Sport and leisure: 1 (5%), Logistics: 1 (5%), Legal: 1 (5%), Automotive: 1 (5%), Art: 1 (5%)
Flag USA24 February 2022
Cyberattack on a satellite network
Viasat / KA-SAT, Carlsbad, California, USA
Possibly due to a cyber attack, the KA-SAT satellite network has failed, which is also used to remotely control wind turbines. This has affected numerous wind farms in Germany and elsewhere.
Flag USA20 February 2022
Cyber attack on a US logistic company
Expeditors International of Washington, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA
Flag USA18 February 2022
Cyberattack on emergency medical service in Houston, Texas
Memorial Village Emergency Room, Houston, Texas, USA
Flag USAFebruary 2022
Ransomware at a Community College in Arkansas
Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA), Helena–West Helena, Arkansas, USA
Flag USA3 February 2022
Ransomware at a town in Massachusetts
Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
The city of Quincy is located south of Boston in the state of Massachusetts in New England.
Total: 23 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 24 (104%)
Affected industries: 6
Public sector: 8 (34%), Healthcare: 8 (34%), Education: 6 (26%), IT: 3 (13%), Universities: 1, Media: 1
Flag USAJanuary 27, 2022
Hard drive containing patient data stolen from a U.S. nonprofit healthcare provider
Resources for Human Development, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Flag USA24 January 2022
Ransomware at a chain of pain centers in Florida
Jax Spine & Pain Centers, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Flag USAJanuary 2022
Unauthorized access at a provider of identity management solutions
Okta, California, USA
Flag USAJanuary 13, 2022
Unauthorized access to emails of a hospital chain in the U.S.
Ballad Health, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
Flag USA13 January 2022
Ransomware at the city administration of Pembroke Pines
Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA
Pembroke Pines is located on the East Coast, northwest of Miami and southwest of Fort Lauderdale. The city has a population of approximately 170,000.
Flag USA11 January 2022
Unauthorized access to emails at a West Virginia hospital
Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC), Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Flag USAJanuary 2022
Cyber attack on a school district in Illinois
Griggsville-Perry School District, Griggsville, Illinois, USA
Flag USA4 January 2022
Ransomware at a hoster for school websites in the USA
Finalsite, Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Hacker attacks 2021

Total: 25 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 25 (100%)
Affected industries: 14
Education: 8 (32%), Healthcare: 5 (20%), Service provider: 2 (8%), Public sector: 2 (8%), Universities: 1, Transportation: 1, Retail: 1, Politics: 1, Media: 1, Mechanical Engineering: 1, IT: 1, Finance: 1, Automotive: 1, Aerospace & Defense: 1
Flag USA26 December 2021
Ransomware at a mechanical engineering company in the USA
Wagstaff, Inc., Spokane Valley, Washington, USA
Flag USADecember 2021
Cyber attack on a US printing company
RR Donnelley, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Flag USADecember 2021
Cyber attack on a school district in Pennsylvania
Altoona Area School District (AASD), Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
Flag USA20 December 2021
Ransomware at a fertility clinic in New York
Extend Fertility, New York, USA
Flag USADecember 2021
Cyberattack on a college in Illinois
Lincoln College, Lincoln, Illinois, USA
The cyberattack contributed to the college's May 2022 closure.
Flag USA13. December 2021
Ransomware at a US photo service provider
Shutterfly LLC, Redwood City, California, USA
Flag USA10 December 2021
Data theft at a U.S. financial services company by a former employee
Block, Inc., San Francisco, California, USA
Flag USA6 December 2021
Ransomware at a community college in Tennessee
Pellissippi State Community College, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Flag USA4 December 2021
Cyberattack on a car dealer in Massachusetts
The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA
Total: 21 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 21 (100%)
Affected industries: 10
Healthcare: 7 (33%), Public sector: 4 (19%), Education: 3 (14%), Finance: 2 (9%), Utility: 1, Universities: 1, Transportation: 1, Pharmaceutical: 1, Online retailer: 1, IT: 1
Flag USA30 November 2021
Ransomware at a healthcare provider in Illinois
Family Christian Health Center (FCHC), Harvey, Illinois, USA
Flag USANovember 2021
Philadelphia online store operator cheated out of $30,000 in revenue
Ali's Wagon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
The money was diverted to a bank account of the scammers.
Flag USA16 November 2021
Ransomware at a medical group in New Jersey
New Jersey Brain and Spine, Oradell, New Jersey, USA
Flag USA14 November 2021
Cyber attack on a county in California
Plumas County, Quincy, California, USA
Flag USAOktober/November 2021
Unauthorized access to data of a specialty pharmacy
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services, LLC, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
Flag USA11 November 2021
Unauthorized access at a benefit plan service provider in the U.S.
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Flag USA7 November 2021
Cyberattack on a local electricity provider in Colorado
DMEA, Montrose, Colorado, USA
Flag USA1 November 2021
Unauthorized access at the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Monterey, California, USA
Total: 24 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 24 (100%)
Affected industries: 12
Healthcare: 7 (29%), Education: 4 (16%), Transportation: 3 (12%), Media: 2 (8%), Food: 2 (8%), Fast Moving Consumer Goods: 2 (8%), Utility: 1, Universities: 1, Technology: 1, Public sector: 1, Finance: 1, Consumer Goods: 1
Flag USA26 October 2021
Unauthorized access to emails at a Colorado hospital
Montrose Regional Health, Montrose, Colorado, USA
Flag USAOctober 2021
Cyberattack on the transit authority of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority 'TheRide', Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Flag USA25 October 2021
Unauthorized data access at a mortgage lender in the U.S.
Pulte Mortgage, Englewood, Colorado, USA
Flag USA25 October 2021
Ransomware at a cookware supplier in the U.S.
Vallejo, California, USA
Flag USA24 October 2021
Unauthorized access to data at a Kansas hospital
Labette Health, Parsons, Kansas, USA
Flag USA17 October 2021
Malware / Ransomware at Healthcare Provider in Los Angeles
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA), Los Angeles, California, USA
Flag USA14 October 2021
Ransomware at a mass transit company in Idaho
Valley Regional Transit, Meridian, Idaho, USA
Flag USA3 October 2021
Ransomware at a logistics company in Wisconsin
Marten Transport Ltd., Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA
Flag USA2 October 2021
Ransomware attack on a university in Maryland, USA
Washington Adventist University (WAU), Takoma Park, Maryland, USA
Flag USA2 October 2021
Cyber attack on a hospital in Franklin, Indiana
Johnson Memorial Health, Franklin, Indiana, USA
Total: 32 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 32 (100%)
Affected industries: 16
Healthcare: 7 (21%), Public sector: 5 (15%), Education: 4 (12%), Media: 2 (6%), Agriculture: 2 (6%), Legal: 2 (6%), Service provider: 2 (6%), Telecommunication: 2 (6%), Universities: 2 (6%), Real estate: 1, Youth organization: 1, Technology: 1, Food: 1, Finance: 1, Entertainment: 1, Police: 1
Flag USA30 September 2021
Ransomware attack on a media company in Pennsylvania
LNP Media Group Inc., Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Flag USA28 September 2021
Ransomware at school district in Texas
Lufkin Independent School District (ISD), Lufkin, Texas, USA
Flag USA23 September 2021
Cyber attack on school district in Texas
Allen Independent School District (Allen ISD), Allen, Texas, USA
Flag USA21 September 2021
Ransomware at a healthcare provider in New Hampshire.
Coos County Family Health Services, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA
Flag USA20 September 2021
Hacker attack on real estate company in California
Marcus & Millichap, Inc, Calabasas, California, USA
Flag USA19 September 2021
Ransomware attack on a Minnesota agriculture company
Crystal Valley, Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Flag USA14 September 2021
Cyberattack on a hospital in Kansas, USA
Mowery Clinic, Salina, Kansas, USA
Flag USA12 September 2021
Cyber attack on US technology provider
TTEC Holdings, Inc., Englewood, Colorado, USA
Flag USA11 September 2021
Data breach at Missouri teachers' pension fund
Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems (PSRS/PEERS), Jefferson City, Missouri, USA
Flag USA3 September 2021
Ransomware at a private university in Washington, D.C.
Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA
Affected is the Howard University.
Flag USA1 September 2021
Hacker attack on the University of Colorado Boulder
University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, USA
The attack on vulnerability in an Atlassian software leaked personal data of 30,000 former employees and students.
Total: 19 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 19 (100%)
Affected industries: 9
Healthcare: 8 (42%), Public sector: 3 (15%), Transportation: 2 (10%), Telecommunication: 1 (5%), Social welfare: 1 (5%), Service provider: 1 (5%), Politics: 1 (5%), Finance: 1 (5%), Education: 1 (5%)
Flag USA30 August 2021
Ransomware at a bank in the USA
Pacific City Bank, Los Angeles, California, USA
The attackers had access to certain customer data.
Flag USA27 August 2021
Data breach at children's advocacy group in California
Seneca Family of Agencies, Oakland, California, USA
Flag USA27 August 2021
Attack with ransomware on a hospital in California
Barlow Respiratory Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA
Flag USA23 August 2021
Peterborough, New Hampshire defrauded of $2.3 million by cybercriminals
The small town of Peterborough in the northeast of the USA has about 6300 inhabitants. In July and August, it was defrauded of a total of $2.3 million. According to reports, mails with false identities were used to divert upcoming payments to the school district and two contractors to other accounts.
Flag USAAugust 19, 2021
Unauthorized access to an email account of a group of medical practices in Illinois
Christie Business Holdings Company (Christie Clinic), Illinois, USA
Flag USA16 August 2021
Hackers offer to buy 100 million customer records of US mobile operator
T-Mobile USA confirms a cyber incident.
Flag USAAugust 2021
Unauthorized access to data from a group of ENT physicians in Texas
Texas ENT, Texas, USA
More than 500,000 records are potentially affected.
Flag USAAugust 2021
Email accounts of a West Virginia health system hacked
Monongalia Health System, Inc., Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
The intention was to fraudulently divert payments intended for a supplier.
Flag USA15 August 2021
Cyber attack on a health system in Marietta, Ohio.
Memorial Health System is a not-for-profit health system that operates three hospitals and several other facilities in the Marietta area. A cyberattack took place in the early morning hours of Aug. 15.
Flag USA8 August 2021
Ransomware at fertility clinic in Massachusetts
ReproSource, Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA
Data on approximately 350,000 patients may have been disclosed.
Total: 18 entries
Affected countries: 2
USA: 18 (100%), Iran: 1 (5%)
Affected industries: 9
Healthcare: 7 (38%), Public sector: 4 (22%), Utility: 2 (11%), Finance: 2 (11%), Sport and leisure: 1 (5%), Military: 1 (5%), Energy industry: 1 (5%), Education: 1 (5%), Aerospace & Defense: 1 (5%)
Flag USAJuly 2021
Ransomware at the city government of Lewiston, Minnesota
City government, Lewiston, Minnesota, USA
Flag USAJuly 27, 2021
Unauthorized access at a healthcare provider in California
SuperCare Health, Downey, California, USA
Flag USA11 July 2021
Cyberattack on group of anesthesiology physicians in Oregon
Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C. (OAG), Oregon, USA
Potentially 750,000 records are affected.
Flag USA19 July 2021
Data breach due to burglary at mental health care provider in Seattle
Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, USA
Flag IranJuly 2021
Facebook stops Iran spying action
As part of an espionage operation, the Facebook platform was used to target individuals working in the military, defense and aerospace sectors, mainly in the US. Social engineering, phishing, identity theft, and malware were used.
Flag USAJuly 2021
Multi-million dollar cyber fraud at Illinois creditor protection organization
Office of the Special Deputy Receiver (OSD), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Approximately $4 million was stolen.
Flag USA13 July 2021
Cyberattack on Chicago-area physician group
Affected is the DuPage Medical Group (DMG). According to press reports, potentially 600,000 patients are affected by the data theft.
Total: 16 entries
Affected countries: 4
USA: 16 (100%), Puerto Rico: 2 (12%), Taiwan: 1 (6%), South Korea: 1 (6%)
Affected industries: 10
Healthcare: 4 (25%), Education: 4 (25%), IT: 2 (12%), Wholesale: 1 (6%), Utility: 1 (6%), Transportation: 1 (6%), Public sector: 1 (6%), Food: 1 (6%), Fast Moving Consumer Goods: 1 (6%), Finance: 1 (6%)
Flag USAJune 2021
Customer data stripped from the computer of a support employee of a large IT company
Microsoft, Redmond, Washington, USA
Flag USA24 June 2021
Possible data breach theft of protected data at health care provider
Metro Infectious Disease Consultants reports that there was unauthorized access to an email account, and as a result there may have been access to the data of more than 171,000 patients.
Flag USA17 June 2021
Ransomware at a health system in Savannah, Georgia
St. Joseph`s/Candler, Savannah, Georgia, USA
St. Joseph`s/Candler operates several hospitals and other facilities in the Savannah region, Georgia (USA). Unknown persons had access to the network since December 18, 2020, and launched a ransomware attack.
Flag USAJune 15, 2021
Unauthorized access to data at a Nevada hospital
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
June 2021
Data theft at major computer games provider
Eletronics Arts, San Mateo, Californa, USA
Criminals have stolen large amounts of source code for games from Eletronics Arts and are offering it on the Internet. The attackers boast about how easily they gained access via purchased Slack access tokens and simple social engineering.
Total: 17 entries
Affected countries: 3
USA: 17 (100%), Germany: 1 (5%), Brazil: 1 (5%)
Affected industries: 12
Healthcare: 6 (35%), Public sector: 4 (23%), Utility: 2 (11%), Wholesale: 1 (5%), Telecommunication: 1 (5%), Food: 1 (5%), Fast Moving Consumer Goods: 1 (5%), Finance: 1 (5%), Education: 1 (5%), Chemical: 1 (5%), Automotive: 1 (5%), Agriculture: 1 (5%)
Flag USA19 May 2021
Ransomware at medical lab in Florida
Nationwide Laboratory Services, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Personal data of potentially 33,000 patients were affected.
Flag USAMay 2021
Major US telecom service provider notices 5-year hack
Syniverse Corporation, Tampa, Florida, USA
The unauthorized access began in 2016.
Flag USA03 May 2021
Malware at refuse disposal district in Berlin, New Hampshire
Androscoggin Valley Regional Refuse Disposal District, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA
Total: 13 entries
Affected countries: 2
USA: 13 (100%), Sweden: 1 (7%)
Affected industries: 11
Healthcare: 4 (30%), Utility: 2 (15%), Public sector: 2 (15%), Education: 2 (15%), Universities: 1 (7%), Transportation: 1 (7%), Technology: 1 (7%), Politics: 1 (7%), Organization: 1 (7%), Legal: 1 (7%), Finance: 1 (7%)
Flag USAApril 2021
Compromised emails at patient financing provider
An unauthorized bank transfer was detected and prevented. When the incident was analyzed, it was discovered that unknown persons had accessed the company's email accounts through phishing for over 1.5 months. Personal data of potentially 210,000 people was also exposed in the process.
Flag USAApril 2021
Cyber attack on US supplier of clear braces
SmileDirectClub, Nashville, USA
SmileDirectClub, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has 4,000 employees and generated $657 million in revenue in 2020. In an initial assessment, the company expects to lose $10 million to $15 million in revenue due to the disruption in production as a result of the attack. Data and personal information were not leaked, and no ransom was paid.
Flag SwedenApril 2021
Cyber incident at medical technology provider headquartered in Sweden
Elekta, Stockholm, Sweden
Unauthorized access to cancer registry software in the cloud may have exposed the data of more than 200,000 U.S. patients.
Flag USAApril 2021
Data theft at the University of California
University of California
Through a vulnerability in file transfer software.
Total: 10 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 10 (100%)
Affected industries: 8
Technology: 2 (20%), Finance: 2 (20%), Education: 2 (20%), Universities: 1 (10%), Media: 1 (10%), Healthcare: 1 (10%), Food: 1 (10%), Fast Moving Consumer Goods: 1 (10%)
Flag USA20 March 2021
Data breach at US media group
Paxton Media Group, Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Flag USA12 March 2021
Ransomware at City of Buffalo School District
City of Buffalo School District, Buffalo, New York, USA
Total: 16 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 16 (100%)
Affected industries: 10
Healthcare: 4 (25%), Public sector: 3 (18%), Universities: 2 (12%), Legal: 2 (12%), Food: 2 (12%), Utility: 1 (6%), Transportation: 1 (6%), Service provider: 1 (6%), Retail: 1 (6%), Fast Moving Consumer Goods: 1 (6%)
Flag USA28 February 2021
Cyber attack on the University of Millersville, Pennsylvania
Millersville University of Penn., Millersville, Pennsylvania, USA
Flag USA26 February 2021
Cyberattack on the city government of Kingman, Arizona
The city of Kingman has a population of approximately 28,000. Only a few personal data were stolen as a result of the attack. By April, operations had been restored. The method of the intrusion could not be determined.
Flag USA24 February 2021
Cyberattack on IT service provider for passenger aviation
SITA Passenger Service System (US) Inc., USA, Georgia, USA
Personal data of passengers of various airlines were stolen, including 4.5 million records of India's Air India.
Flag USA14 February 2021
Ransomware at US restaurant chain
Carisch, Inc., Wayzata, Minnesota, USA
Flag USAFebruary 2021
Data theft and extortion at US university
University of Colorado, Colorado, USA
Through a vulnerability in file transfer software.
Flag USA1 February 2021
Unauthorized data access at Illinois fertility clinics
Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI), Glenview, Illinois, USA
Potentially 80,000 patient records are affected
Total: 8 entries
Affected countries: 1
USA: 9 (112%)
Affected industries: 5
Healthcare: 4 (50%), Universities: 2 (25%), Utility: 1 (12%), Public sector: 1 (12%), Entertainment: 1 (12%)
Flag USAJanuary 2021
Data breach at U.S. health insurer in Arkansas
A vulnerability in Accellion file transfer software resulted in a data theft at Arkansas Health & Wellness.
Flag USA09 January 2021
Hacker attack on Clearfield County administration
Clearfield County is located in Pennsylvania, in the northeastern United States.

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Cyber attacks worldwide

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