Cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats that businesses and organizations need to protect themselves from. In this post, we link to in-depth analysis and forensic reports that show the sequence of past attacks and explain the attackers' actions. In addition, responsible individuals share their experiences of cyber attacks and ransomware, how they reacted, and what lessons they learned.

June 2022: Cyber incident at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Presentation, 1 hour (German)

July 2021: Ransomware at a Dutch IT company

VelzArt is an IT service provider that was hit by the global attack using Kaseya VSA software. The company has reported in detail about the process on its blog.
Blog (Dutch) Best to let the browser translate it.

May 2021: Cyber attack on a healthcare system in Ireland

Presentation, 22 pages
Detailed report, 157 pages

October 2020: Cyberattack on a health system in Vermont, U.S.

Podcast, 34 minutes, with interesting learnings from hospital operations

December 2019: Cyberattack on Maastricht University, Netherlands

2-hour video with a symposium on the cyber attack (Dutch)
10 pages
Detailed forensic investigation report, 47 pages (Dutch)
Paper prepared at the University of Bologna, 20 pages

November 2019: Rouen hospital cyber attack, France

In November 2019, ransomware spread in the Rouen hospital.
How did the hospital's IT team respond to the attack? How was it able to repel the attack in a short time? (French)

October 2019: Cyber attack on Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Interview in which the cooperation with the authorities is explained, as well as the organization of work with paper and whiteboards and telephone (German)

2017: Equifax, US

Detailed report, 96 pages

May 2017: WannaCry

Impact on health care in England, report 35 pages

Cyber attacks worldwide

Cyber attacks worldwide
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