27. August 2022

Cyber incidents

Listed here are known cyberattacks on public administrations such as city halls, authorities, agencies worldwide in April 2022. The attacks can be of very different nature, e.g. DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and ransomware. Details and sources can be found below the graphics.

Major cyber attacks on the public sector April 2022
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Hacker attacks statistics

By country

Cyber attacks on the public sector April 2022 - statistic by country
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  • The statistics are based on the known incidents listed here.
  • Since only some of the cases become known, the evaluations are not representative.
  • Industries where incidents are immediately visible due to public access (e.g. healthcare) are more represented than others.
  • An incident may be assigned to multiple countries or industries. Also, a country cannot always be assigned. So the totals shown on the charts may be different.
  • The graphics may be reused according to the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 / CC BY 4.0 (attribution: KonBriefing.com).

Details, examples and sources

Flag NetherlandsApril 1, 2022
Ransomware at a municipality in the Netherlands
Buren, Gelderland, Netherlands
Flag EcuadorApril 16, 2022
Cyberattack on the Municipality of Quito in Ecuador
Municipio de Quito - Quito, Ecuador
Flag USAApril 17, 2022
Cyberattack on a county in Kansas
Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas - Kansas City, Kansas, USA (Wyandotte County)
Flag GermanyApril 19, 2022
Cyber attack on a city in Germany
Schriesheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Flag BulgariaApril 20, 2022
Attack on the website of a regulatory authority in Bulgaria
Комисия за енергийно и водно регулиране (КЕВР) / Energy and Water Regulatory Commission - Sofia, Bulgaria
Flag Czech RepublicApril 20, 2022
DDoS attack on the website of the Czech Office for Cyber and Information Security
Národní úřad pro kybernetickou a informační bezpečnost (NUKIB) - Brno, Czech Republic
Flag Czech RepublicApril 25, 2022
Cyber attack on a city in the Czech Republic
Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic


IndustryMay contain
EducationSchools, secondary schools, high schools, vocational training, community colleges
GovernmentNational and state government, government authorities
LegalLawyers, law firms, courts, judicial authorities
PoliceLaw enforcement
Public sectorAuthorities, government offices, city halls, municipal administrations, local and regional governments

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Cyber attacks worldwide

Cyber attacks worldwide
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