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We list publicly disclosed cyberattacks in the Netherlands in 2022.

Cyber incident overview

Cyber attacks Netherlands in 2022
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Which companies were affected by a cyber attack?

1January 12, 2022MaastrichtUniversity magazineDDoS attackCollege, University, Research,observant
2January 21, 2022ArnhemVeterinary clinicHealthcare,Dierenkliniek Dijkstra
3January 29, 2022KampenVehicle manufacturerRansomwareOverijssel, Automobile, Automotive, Cars,Broshuis BV
4January 2022TerneuzenOil terminalsLogistics,Evos
5February 3, 2022AmsterdamReal estate softwareAareon Nederland B.V.
6March 3, 2022SpijkenisseWork institutionZuid-Holland, Welfare, Social,Voorne-Putten Werkt BV
7March 10, 2022EindhovenAccountingCrowe Foederer
8March 17, 2022PhilipsburgEnergy providerDisposal, Utility,N.V. GEBE
9March 27, 2022WoerdenIT service providerRansomwareUtrecht,The Sourcing Company (TSC)
10March 27, 2022HousingReal estate
11April 1, 2022BurenMunicipalityRansomwareGelderland, Administration, Authority, Government, Public sector
12June 7, 2022DinxperloKitchensGelderland,Bribus B.V.
13June 28, 2022AmsterdamZooArtis
14July 27, 2022IT Service providerAdministration, Authority, Government, Public sector
15August 2022OosterhoutDental practicesNoord-Brabant, Healthcare,Colosseum Dental Benelux
16September 18, 2022The HagueAccess control systemsID-ware
17September 18, 2022EindhovenUniversityCollege, University, Research,TU Eindhoven
18September 18, 2022UtrechtUniversityCollege, University, Research,Hogeschool Utrecht
19September 21, 2022BilthovenVaccinesUtrecht, Medicaments, Medicines, Pharmaceutical,Healthcare,Bilthoven Biologicals
20October 18, 2022RotterdamLibraryZuid-Holland, Administration, Authority, Government, Public sector,Bibliotheek Rotterdam
21December 5, 2022SchiedamMobile phone providerZuid-Holland,DELTA Mobiel, Caiway Mobiel
22December 5, 2022PhilipsburgEnergy supplierDisposal, Utility,N.V. GEBE
23December 2022VlissingenEducational institutionZeeland,Scalda
24December 8, 2022LeidenTemporary employment companyZuid-Holland, College, University, Research,Universiteit Leiden / JobMotion B.V.
25December 2022HaarlemEducational institutionNoord-Holland,Nova College
26December 27, 2022Political partyPolitics,PVV

Cyber attacks statistics

By month

Cyber attacks Netherlands in 2022 by month
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By industry

Cyber attacks Netherlands in 2022 by industry
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  • The statistics are based on the known incidents listed here.
  • Since only some of the cases become known, the evaluations are not representative.
  • Industries where incidents are immediately visible due to public access (e.g. healthcare) are more represented than others.
  • An incident may be assigned to multiple countries or industries. Also, a country cannot always be assigned. So the totals shown on the charts may be different.
  • The graphics may be reused according to the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 / CC BY 4.0 (attribution: KonBriefing Research).

Details, examples and sources

Flag NetherlandsJanuary 12, 2022
DDoS attack on a university magazine in the Netherlands
observant - Maastricht, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsJanuary 29, 2022
Ransomware at specialty vehicle manufacturer in the Netherlands
Broshuis BV - Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsFebruary 3, 2022
Cyber attack on the data center of a provider of real estate software in the Netherlands
Aareon Nederland B.V. - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsMarch 3, 2022
Ransomware at a social work institution in the Netherlands
Voorne-Putten Werkt BV - Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
A ransom of $650,000 was demanded.
Flag NetherlandsMarch 27, 2022
Ransomware at a cloud provider in the Netherlands
The Sourcing Company (TSC) - Woerden, Utrecht, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsApril 1, 2022
Ransomware at a municipality in the Netherlands
Buren, Gelderland, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsJune 7, 2022
Cyber attack on a kitchen manufacturer in the Netherlands
Bribus B.V. - Dinxperlo, Gelderland, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsJune 28, 2022
Cyber attack on the Amsterdam zoological garden
Artis - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsSeptember 18, 2022
Ransomware attack at an access control system provider in the Netherlands
ID-ware - The Hague, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsSeptember 18, 2022
Students of a university in the Netherlands affected by a hack
Hogeschool Utrecht - Utrecht, Netherlands
Flag NetherlandsDecember 5, 2022
Data breach at a mobile phone provider in the Netherlands
DELTA Mobiel, Caiway Mobiel - Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
The affected organization informed the public about the incident.
Flag NetherlandsDecember 8, 2022
Ransomware at a temporary employment company of a university in the Netherlands
Universiteit Leiden / JobMotion B.V. - Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
⭐⭐⭐ KonBriefing thinks: very good immediate communication by the affected organization.


How many companies and organizations were affected by cyberattacks?

KonBriefing Research had counted 26 successful cyberattacks on companies and organizations for the period.

When did cyber attacks take place?

For 2022, KonBriefing Research counted the following successful cyberattacks on companies and organizations: January (4)  •  February (1)  •  March (5)  •  April (1)  •  June (2)  •  July (1)  •  August (1)  •  September (4)  •  October (1)  •  December (6)

Which industries were affected by cyberattacks?

For the year 2022, KonBriefing Research found successful cyberattacks on companies and organizations of the following industries: Universities (4)  •  Energy industry (3)  •  Service provider (3)  •  Public sector (3)  •  Healthcare (3)  •  IT (3)  •  Education (2)  •  Utility (2)  •  Politics (1)  •  Entertainment (1)  •  Logistics (1)  •  Automotive (1)  •  Pharmaceutical (1)  •  Production (1)  •  Real estate (1)  •  Social welfare (1)  •  Telecommunication (1)  •  Media (1) (Multiple assignments possible).

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