10 January 2022
The timeline shows known cyberattacks from the 2nd half of 2021.

Cyber incident overview

Cyberattacks UK from July to December 2021
Cyberattacks in the United Kingdom from July to December 2021 - Usable under the license CC BY 4.0. Credits: KonBriefing.com/Bert Kondruss.

Details and sources

Flag UKJuly 2021
Targeted attack on experts with a focus on the Middle East
London, United Kingdom
The security service provider Proofpoint has analyzed a targeted attack on experts, professors and journalists with a focus on the Middle East. Access data to various online services was to be tapped via the compromised website of a well-known institute of the University of London. The attack is attributed to Iran.
Flag UKJuly 2021
Bus operator of an English city affected by cyber attack
Nottingham City Transport - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Nottingham City Transport is the city's largest bus operator, and personal data was not affected by the incident.
Flag UK26 July 2021
Hacker attack on housing company in Salford, UK
ForHousing - Salford, United Kingdom
The city of Salford is located in Greater Manchester and has a population of around 73,000. The company ForHousing there was affected.
Flag UK2021
Email of a mayor in England hacked, used to ask others for money
Workington, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
The Workington mayor's private email account was hacked, used to solicit money from other members of the city council.
Flag UK9 November 2021
Attack on the website of an online retailer of angling supplies
Angling Direct - Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Flag UKDecember 2021
Hackers defraud UK IT company of £365,000
Silver Bullet Data Services Group plc - London, United Kingdom
Flag UKDecember 14, 2021
Cyber attack on a secondary school in England
West Lakes Academy - Egremont, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
Flag UKDecember 2021
Cyberattack on an oil and gas production company in the United Kingdom
KCA Deutag - Portlethen, Scotland, United Kingdom
Flag UKDecember 20, 2021
Cyberattack on the Gloucester City Council
Gloucester City Council - Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

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