3 January 2022
Our timeline shows known attacks on companies in the FMCG industry in 2021

Cyberattacks on Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG companies in 2021.
Cyberattacks on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in 2021. - Usable under the license CC BY 4.0. Credits: KonBriefing.com/Bert Kondruss.

What is the FMCG market?

FMCG stands for "Fast Moving Consumer Goods". These are everyday goods that are purchased frequently, for example food and cleaning products. Our timeline includes companies along the entire value chain, i.e. agricultural companies, food producers, wholesalers and retailers.

Type of cyber attacks

Not all companies have named the exact nature of the attack. In most cases, however, it is likely to have been ransomware, in which criminals penetrate the corporate network, extract the data and then encrypt it on the corporate computers, after which they demand money from the companies to decrypt the data. If the money is not paid, the criminals publish the data on the Internet or auction it off.

Individual attacks

The following attacks had a high attention value:
  • May 2021: Attack on the world's largest meat producer JBS. As a result, numerous production facilities failed. The company paid a ransom of several million dollars.

  • July 2021: The extensive attack on Kaseya VSA affected Visma, a company that operates retail checkouts. At Coop in Sweden, several hundred stores had to remain closed as a result.

  • November 2021: Cyberattack on MediaMarktSaturn, as a result of which, among other things, the checkouts could no longer be used.

  • December 2021: With Deutsche See and Royal Greenland, two fish companies were affected within a few days.

Unreported figures

The timeline shows hacker attacks that have become public knowledge. The number of unreported cases is likely to be low for large companies with contact to end customers. It is likely to be higher for companies at the beginning and in the middle of the value chain, for small companies, and for companies in countries with less common languages or less reporting.

Details and sources

Flag AustriaApril 2021
Cyber attack on grocer in Austria
Nah- und Frisch-Markt - Türnitz, Lower Austria, Austria
Flag GermanyMay 2021
Hacker attack on dairy in Germany
Ehrmann - Oberschönegg, Bavaria, Germany
Flag BrazilAugust 19, 2021
Cyber attack on Brazilian retail chain
Lojas Renner SA - Porto Alegre, Brazil
Lojas Renner SA is headquartered in Porto Alegre and employs approximately 22,000 people. There were disruptions to operations, no ransom was paid.

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