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The timeline shows known and successful attacks in France, Europe

Cyber incident overview

Major cyber attacks France 4th quarter 2021
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Details, examples and sources

Flag France20 November 2021
Cyber attack on a testing, inspection and certification company
Bureau Veritas - Paris, France
Flag France29 November 2021
Cyber attack on a computer retailer in France
Groupe LDLC - Limonest, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
Flag FranceDecember 6, 2021
Cyber attack on the IT Service provider of the city of Bobigny in France
Syndicat Intercommunal d'Informatique (SII), City of Bobigny - Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
In addition to the city of Bobigny, affected are the municipalities of Tremblay-en-France, Le Blanc-Mesnil and La Courneuve
Flag France10 December 2021
Cyber attack on supplier of technical springs in France
Ressorts Masselin - Le Petit-Quevilly, Normandy, France
Flag FranceDecember 2021
Data leak at French video game provider
Ubisoft - Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
Flag France16 December 2021
Email server of the social housing office of the department of Aisne in France hacked
OPAL - Office Public de l'Habitat de l'Aisne - Laon, Départements Aisne, France
Flag France19 December 2021
Cyber attack on French IT service provider
Inetum - Saint-Ouen, France

Cyber attack statistics

By month

Cyber attacks France 4th quarter 2021 statistic by month
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By industry

Cyber attacks France 4th quarter 2021 statistic by industry
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Diagram in high resolution (License: CC BY 4.0):



The statistics are based on the known incidents listed here. Since only some of the cases become known, the evaluations are not representative.


IndustryMay contain
AgricultureFarming, Farms, Horticulture, Poultry farming, Dairies, Plant production, Slaughterhouses, Animal husbandry
AgricultureAgriculture, Fermes, Horticulture, Aviculture, Laiteries, Production végétale, Abattoirs, Elevage d'animaux
Consumer Goods
EducationSchools, secondary schools, high schools, vocational training, community colleges
ÉducationÉcoles, écoles secondaires, lycées, formation professionnelle, collèges communautaires
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
HealthcareMedical practices, outpatient facilities, hospitals, health authorities
Soins de santéCabinets médicaux, établissements de soins ambulatoires, hôpitaux, autorités sanitaires
ITManaged Service Provider (MSP), Data Centers, Software Companies
Public sectorAuthorities, government offices, city halls, municipal administrations, local and regional governments
Administration publiqueAutorités, offices, mairies, administrations communales, les gouvernements locaux et régionaux
Commerce de détail
Service provider
Social welfare

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